Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not a fun kntting week

This has been a rough week, knitting-wise. I frogged the Leyburn socks. The pattern doesn't fit, top-down or toe-up. I like the fabric, but it just doesn't fit. So I'm going to use the yarn to knit of of Cookie A's socks, probably Sunshine.

I've been really struggling with the Shetland Tea Shawl. The last chart before the border is more complicated than anything I've ever done. It's a lace every row chart, and it's really complicated. I fretted over how to do one row for days. I posted questions about it on a Ravelry group, but it wasn't a very active thread, and I actually figured it out (as I lay in bed at 6am) just before someone posted the answer. Even still, there's been a lot of tinking on this shawl.

And I keep making stupid mistakes on various sweaters, causing me to rip back whole evenings of knitting. No fun.

On Friday I go into the hospital to have fibroids removed from my uterus. Not sure I'll do much knitting this weekend, though maybe by Monday, Family Day, I'll be up for it.

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