Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good news and bad news

Lots of knitting to blog about, but not all of it good. I was almost finished with the first front panel of my Oblique sweater when I began to be suspicious about the stitch count. But actually, the problem was I had distributed the stitch incorrectly over the three patterns in the panel. How on earth I did that I don't know, since the pattern directions are perfectly clear. The sweater pattern is complicated, but clear. I cast on the second panel to confirm my suspicions before I ripped the first one back to the ribbing, but eventually it had to be done. I've already made mistakes in the second panel, but nothing that can't be compensated for. I'm still enjoying the knitting, and since it's a lacy pattern, it moves along rather quickly.

More on the frogging front: I finally decided I will never finished my Princess Cardigan. The pattern is an interesting knit, but the very complicated combination of cables and lace had become too much. Plus, I had a terrible time getting gauge, and was knitting it on needles way small than the pattern called for. I know I'm a fairly loose knitter, but this was ridiculous. Finally, I admitted to myself I know longer liked the colour of the yarn I was using. So the other day I frogged all I had done (the back and one front panel), washed the yarn, and soon will be dropping it off at the Purl to be given to charity.

Speaking of the Purl, Miko has given us all a challenge to pick a knitting book or magazine, and knit every pattern in it. I really would like to pick The Knitter's Book of Wool, but it would completely overwhelm my other knitting, and I have two sweaters to finish. So I wimped out and picked Whimsical Little Knits by Ysolda. I was already planning on knit Ishbel and the booties, so this will be easy. The daughters have picked out the hats they want, and the cats will enjoy Mousie.

So I'm forging ahead on my shetland shawl so I don't have three lace projects going at the same time. Forest Path, unfortunately, has slowed down to a creeping pace of one square a week. I have about 45 squares to go! Plus the edging. Ready for next spring, maybe?

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