Sunday, November 23, 2008

more mitts

I keep knitting mittens that aren't in my cue, and not getting other stuff started. Oh well, it's winter!

I was thinking of just whipping up a simple pair of mittens to go with my scarf and calorimetry, but then I saw this Icewine pattern which I had already saved on my computer (in my days before Ravelry). I've never done 2-stranded knitting, so I thought I would give it a try. Also, my daughter Grace encouraged me, so I started them and boy! was it hard at first. But eventually I got the hang of it. Then I noticed that further up some of the floats would go over 15 stitches! Eeek! is that legal? By wonderful coincidence, I read Michelle's Always Casting On post about these very mittens. So I contacted her and she assured me it was okay, just keep the floats loose. Thanks Michelle!

I've also cast one the One Skein A Stole scarf, which designed for one skein of Noro sock yarn, which is just what I have:

FOs: Here's my hemlock ring blanket all pinned out an drying (should be done by tomorrow). I love it.

Ralph scarf is done, it just needs a little blocking:

Secret Santa mitts are nearly done, but I done have a updated picture. By the end of this week Christmas knitting should be totally finished!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

knitting progress and stash enhancement

I love the hemlock ring blanket. I never want it to stop knitting it. Both the yarn and the pattern are wonderful. But I will stop, and soon. I'm down to the last four knit rows (472 stitches each) and then the bind off. Here it is in all it's unblocked, almost finished glory:

I've also finished 56" on my father-in-laws Christmas present, a One Row Scarf by the Yarn Harlot.

It was going to be for work's Secret Santa, but then my father-in-law fell and ended up in the hospital and I thought I should send him something handmade. So my Secret Santa giftee is getting some mittens, knit out of a lovely natural yarn I got at The Purple Purl:

Finally, I'm knitting along in happy stockinette my first EZ percentage sweater. The yarn is also natural, but very stiff. I'm hoping it will soften up with washing.

Speaking of The Purl, I was there Thursday night for the Knitty Roundtable, and as a prize I got this lovely bit of sock yarn: Schaeffer Heather (wool, silk and nylon, $29). Not in colours I normally buy, but lovely stuff:

Today The Purl celebrated its first anniversary (Yay! Congratulations ladies!) and all purple yarn was 30% off, so I got some silk seacell for me

and this cotton, wool, seacell, silk blend for a Clapotis for my friend Sharon

Monday, November 10, 2008

mostly complaints

Nobody has updated their blogs.
I've had insomnia since the time change. Keep waking up at 5am.
Tom is out of town for the second weekend (helping out his dad who's in the hospital).
Tom is coming back tonight and I have to drive to the airport and pick him up.
The kids are stuck late at school with a rehearsal.
I forgot to bring home the marking I have to do (maybe not a complaint).
The girls have a really hectic week which making me stressed out.
I can't watch episodes of "Chuck" or "Bones" online.


Knitting continues apace. I love knitting the hemlock blanket and it's going very fast.
I'm almost done with Christmas knitting.
I've started my EZ percentage sweater.
I want to cast on lots more, but I will restrain myself.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More ow, and pics

The caffeine headaches were too much, so I decided to do a slower withdrawal. Just a quarter cup of coffee was enough to stop the headache, so now, two weeks later, I am completely caffeine free. Yay!

But then I threw out my back: too much food and drink, followed by too much knitting without moving, and my back blew out. It's been a week, and I'm much better, though I still have to be very careful.

But lots of knitting has been happening, especially lots of mitts:

These are from The Knitter's Big Book of Yarn. I cast on more stitches since I thought, I have large hands, but I shouldn't have. Still, I like them.

These are Maria's using Kate Atherley's generic mitt pattern.

They match Maria's Watchcap (EZ, Knitting Without Tears)

I finally finished Tom's dreaded socks

except he thinks the cuffs are too short, so I said I would add some length (when I could face them again).

So now I've cast on another One Row Scarf, since I decided I would keep the one I knit before since it match my mitts and the calorimetry I've knitted:

I've also cast on Brooklyn Tweed's hemlock ring blanket, using Cascade ecological yarn

Finally, some cute pics of Kisa

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