Saturday, November 1, 2008

More ow, and pics

The caffeine headaches were too much, so I decided to do a slower withdrawal. Just a quarter cup of coffee was enough to stop the headache, so now, two weeks later, I am completely caffeine free. Yay!

But then I threw out my back: too much food and drink, followed by too much knitting without moving, and my back blew out. It's been a week, and I'm much better, though I still have to be very careful.

But lots of knitting has been happening, especially lots of mitts:

These are from The Knitter's Big Book of Yarn. I cast on more stitches since I thought, I have large hands, but I shouldn't have. Still, I like them.

These are Maria's using Kate Atherley's generic mitt pattern.

They match Maria's Watchcap (EZ, Knitting Without Tears)

I finally finished Tom's dreaded socks

except he thinks the cuffs are too short, so I said I would add some length (when I could face them again).

So now I've cast on another One Row Scarf, since I decided I would keep the one I knit before since it match my mitts and the calorimetry I've knitted:

I've also cast on Brooklyn Tweed's hemlock ring blanket, using Cascade ecological yarn

Finally, some cute pics of Kisa

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