Monday, November 10, 2008

mostly complaints

Nobody has updated their blogs.
I've had insomnia since the time change. Keep waking up at 5am.
Tom is out of town for the second weekend (helping out his dad who's in the hospital).
Tom is coming back tonight and I have to drive to the airport and pick him up.
The kids are stuck late at school with a rehearsal.
I forgot to bring home the marking I have to do (maybe not a complaint).
The girls have a really hectic week which making me stressed out.
I can't watch episodes of "Chuck" or "Bones" online.


Knitting continues apace. I love knitting the hemlock blanket and it's going very fast.
I'm almost done with Christmas knitting.
I've started my EZ percentage sweater.
I want to cast on lots more, but I will restrain myself.

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