Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On holiday!

Because of an error in calculating my vacation days, I got sent home today, three days early to start my Christmas holiday. No more work until January 5! What am I going to do with myself? Knit, of course!

Secret Santa mitts are here:

9 teachers have been laid off from my work, so the Christmas party won't be so joyful. It's seems like most people are still planning to show up. My gift recipient is not one of the lay-offs.

I'm really proud of my first fair isle project: Ice Wine Mitts.

Checking out the blog of the designer, I suddenly realized I knew her! She goes to the Purl's knit night. So I was able to show the mitts and thank her for the pattern (and coo over her new baby). Yeah!

All my Christmas knitting is now done, so I've moved on to my first Baby Surprise Jacket, for Andrea and her soon to be born baby. It's lots of fun to knit, although it lands in that annoying place between mindless and requiring attention, so I tend to forget where I am in the pattern and have done a lot of annoying tinking. The yarn is Joy by Needful yarns, and it's really cushy. I like it a lot.

Eventually I'll get back to my Noro scarf, though I've made some progress:

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