Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still on that border

I'm still not done with the Shetland shawl. This border is taking forever. It's hard, takes a lot of concentration, and tires my hands hand out. One pattern repeat only uses up 5 stitches, and I started with over 570. I'm down to around 150, so I my new goal it to be done by Easter.

In the meantime, I've started crocheting granny squares. I needed something easy and portable keep with me, and I didn't want to start another pair of simple socks. So I"m using up all sorts of bits and pieces, and I'll decide what to do with them when they're all done.

Tom's sweater is almost finished. I bought the zipper today, and I need to check if I have the right colour thread. Then it's hand sew in the zipper, steam block the seams, and I'm done!

Forest Path is on hold until Shetland is done.

Sleeves for Oblique are growing slowly but steadily.

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