Monday, January 26, 2009

A whole month

As usual, this blogging thing is not going great (although my Ravelry page is quite current). Why can't I at least do once a week? Of course, it would help if anyone read my blog *sigh*

So, on to the knitting: I'm working on lots of big projects, so progress is slow. I'm closing in on finishing the first chart of Icarus (in a week or so?). I'm getting rather tired of the first chart, so it will be a great relief to knit something different.

My EZ sweater is moving slowly. I've knit more inches than the previous version, but still haven't knit as much yarn.

I'm still slogging away at my Feather and Fan. I've knit 101 rows with maybe 60-80 to go. I want to knit one row a day. I started this thing last summer. I really don't want to be still knitting it this coming summer.

So to keep from going insane from lack of progress, I've also been some smaller projects (which of course means these big projects take even longer). I knit myself some Monkey socks

I really like the pattern, so I may well do it again. The short, but not too short, pattern repeat makes the socks go really fast. And it's fun.

I knit a Scaruffle for Maria with Kid Silk Haze. It's annoying, but very quick.

I'm working on a sweater for Grace from Fitted Knits. I'm in holding pattern because I'm waiting for more yarn from Knit Picks.

I also dug into my stash, got some of my oldest yarn, and finally started Branching Out. It's promoted as a good pattern for beginning lace knitters, but I wouldn't think so. The pattern is complicated, if short, and resists memorization. Still, I like it a lot. I'm using Lana Gotto Feeling. It feels really nice, and rather pretty.

What will I have finished by next week?

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